2017 Registration

NEW!!!  This year all registrations and payments will be taken online through trackie.
Registration 2017 - Click Here
Practice days and times:

 ** Season begins on March 28  and ends June 29 (there will be some training session available in July/August for those attending and qualifying for Championships)**

Tuesdays and Thursdays (rain or shine)
Ages 6-7-8 (Rascals)   4pm-4:45pm. (Rascals ends on Thursday, June 15.)
Ages 9-12 (Junior Dev)  4pm-5:30pm
Ages 13+   3:30pm-5:30pm

2017 Fees:
Age (Birth Year)
Season Fees
Season Fees
Training Only
RascalsFULL6-8 (2009-2011)FULL
Jr. Development9-13 (2004-2008)
Midget14 (2003)
Midget15 (2002)
Youth16/17 (2000-2001)
Junior18/19 (1997-1998)
Includes BCA Registration fee, insurance and all applicable taxes.Includes BCA Registration fee, insurance and all applicable taxes.

Proper footwear is essential to training. A good pair or running shoes, athletic shorts and shirt are all that is needed for most practices.  Many athletes wear spikes at track meets and good runners for training. Spikes are not necessary for the young or new athletes.  Sometimes athletes have spikes they have outgrown that they wish to sell at a reduced price.  Watch for notices posted on the track room door of items for sale.

Athletes must wear an AVTC singlet during all track meets.   These can be purchased through the club air second hand.

Water bottle:  all athletes must bring a water bottle to every practice.  Athletes are given breaks throughout practice so that they can drink and stay hydrated.

Athlete Responsibilities:
  • Arrive on time for practice. 
  • Take part in the warm up and cool down. If your child must leave early, please communicate this to the coach at the start of the practice so that they can adjust the workout accordingly. Stopping an intense workout suddenly, with no cool down, may result in injury to the athlete 
  • Athletes must follow the coaches’ instructions. At peak usage times there are many people using the stadium requiring cooperation from athletes. 
  • Stick to assigned lanes. With large numbers, there is a great risk of injury if athletes do not pay attention to basic track etiquette. 
  • Each athlete should bring his or her own water bottle
  • Bring a sports bag or backpack to keep clothing, water bottle and club reference handbook accessible and safe. Label all belongings. 
  • Follow appropriate pre-workout nutritional guidelines. 
  • Dress appropriately for weather conditions. Track pants and a long sleeve shirt or jacket are often worn during warm up. 
  • Athletes require proper footwear. 
  • Parents willing to help at practice should speak to Carrie Nahorney. Any offer of assistance, whether for one practice or the whole season, is appreciated. Assistance in clean up of equipment at the track is also required after each practice. 
  • When in doubt, ASK QUESTIONS. There is no such thing as a dumb question.