Swim/Track Program

Youth SWIM/TRACK Program
In conjunction with the Tsunami Swim Club.
NCCP Level 2 coaches.
$125 (plus Tag Day Fundraiser)

Tuesday, April 3 to Friday, June 1 (9 week program)
Ages 8-18
Important:  Minimum age: 8 as of Dec. 31/18.

Fees per youth
(April 3-June 1)
Swim/Track Program
(1 day of swimming-1 day of track)
Non-Competitive (training only)
$125 (plus Tag Day)
Minimum age: Must be 8 as of Dec. 31/18

9-week program – each week:
1. One day of coached swimming (choose Monday or Wednesday or Friday – same day each week or mix it up, we are flexible) 3:45pm-4:45pm
2. One day of coached track (choose Tuesday or Thursday) 4pm-5:30pm

Sport Focus
(April 3-June 1)


1. Swimming requirements:
Be able to swim in any fashion one length of the main pool (25m).  Proper fitting goggles.
2. Running requirements: Proper running or cross training shoes. Water bottle and sun hat.

  • Healthy, active living – triathlon as a lifestyle sport
  • Lifelong participation – recreation and competitive streams; developmentally appropriate training
  • Safety – distance and equipment regulations
  • Fun – enjoyment of sport, celebration of personal excellence and camaraderie

Does my child have to choose the same day of swimming and track every week for the 9 weeks?
This program is all about flexibility.  Choose whichever day for each activity as it fits your schedule, one week might be on Monday and the next on Friday.  Or if you miss a day, you can make it up the following week by doing two days.

 What does the training look like?
Swimming: once a week – Focus is on front crawl, stamina and overall swim conditioning.  The goal is to eventually be able to swim 200m with some speed and 400m very comfortably.  
Track: once a week – Focus is on learning to run smoothly with an easy stride, increase stamina and speed.

Does my child have to be an already good swimmer or runner?
There is no expectation of high skill level.  As long as your child meets the minimum prerequisites listed above they are very welcome to join in.  The idea is to get kids training together, making new friends and stay healthy. 
The emphasis is on participation not competition.

My child is already a very strong runner, will they be challenged in this program?
Training is individualized and youths who show high skills level will be given a harder more challenging workout to meet their training needs.