Volunteer Commitment

The Alberni Valley Track Club relies on the support of our athlete’s family, friends of the club, fans of the sport and supporters in the community to continue offering the best Track & Field experience possible. 

Our club receives support in many ways, but the goal of it all is to ensure that everyone who is a part of our team has a rewarding experience. That starts with providing our athletes with a welcome environment, high quality coaching and rewarding training and competitive experiences. 

Three crucial areas where the club relies on the active participation of volunteers are:

1. Bob Dailey Track Meet (Apr 25-26, Volunteering Required) – The Bob Dailey Meet is the opening event of the Vancouver Island Athletic Association (VIAA) Island Series of Track & Field competitions. Each year we welcome 300 athletes to our community from around Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland and set the tone for the season with a popular, well-run event that speaks to the enthusiastic support of our local AND visiting volunteers. We need all of our Club families to support this event.

Six events are on the card for 2020, with events in Port Alberni, Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Courtenay. The series runs from the end of April until the end of June with the final event in Courtenay serving for the first time as an Island Championships for our Junior Development athletes (ages 9-13). 

2. VIAA Island Series (April thru June, Volunteers Needed)  – The Vancouver Island Athletic Association is composed of member clubs from around Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Together we collaborate, coordinate and support each other in hosting what will be a 6 meet series in 2020. Events will be held in: Port Alberni, Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan and Courtenay. Each club contributes Officials for a specific event area to ensure that meets run smoothly. AVTC is responsible for running the Shot Put at each event on the calendar. That means 2-3 people at all times throughout the weekend. The work is fun, easy and crucial to providing athletes with a great experience. We provide free training so that you feel confident helping out.  

3. Club Management & Operations – Whether you enjoy being inside or outside, collaborating with a team or left to complete a project on your own there are plenty of ways to support the goals and mission of the Alberni Valley Track Club. Our sport has a diverse and welcoming community of people that can make your contribution a rewarding one. Be a part of our family. If you’ve got an interest in the sport (Track & Field, Endurance Running/Racing), or family and friends that do, we could use your help. 

If you have questions about how to get involved, contact:

  • Darren Willis (Ph: 250-735-0753, Email: darren1willis@gmail.com)
  • Jessica Hall (Ph: 250-73502914, Email: jhall0244@gmail.com)